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Wood Flooring

Wood flooring comes in different types for different looks and uses, here at Natural Born Flooring we have a vast showroom which has samples of all types of wood available.

Solid Wood

As is says it is machined from a solid piece of timber and will enhance the appearance of any interior.

Engineered Wood

Each board is engineered with layers of wood pressed together and topped with a layer of solid wood, usually between 4mm and 6mm. These types of wood flooring offer an increased stability, making it the ideal type of wood for kitchen and bathroom.


Although technically Bamboo is a variety of grass it performs with the same characteristics of hardwood. It is 100% sustainable with a life cycle of approx. 5 years. It is available in two styles, traditional and strand-woven.  The benefits of strand-woven is that it is twice as durable as the traditional method.