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We have a large range of carpets from all the leading manufacturers on display in our showroom, from 100% wool carpet to 100% man made carpets and everything in between and to suit all budgets.

Here at Natural Born Flooring we pride ourselves on offering the customer what they want not what we want, and we are proud to be able to offer striped carpets on to all types of stairs with the stripes matching, please see our photo’s in the gallery.

Below in a brief breakdown of the different types of wool/man made carpet styles and textures to help you decide on what carpet would suit your requirements, or alternatively visit our showroom where we would be happy to help and answer any questions you have or fill in the contact us form and we can arrange a home visit free of charge.


A carpet will often attract a description such as ‘velour’ or ‘loop pile’. Most descriptions are fairly obvious in meaning whilst others such as ‘Saxony’ are not.

Level Loop Pile.
In this type of carpet all tufts are produced in loops and left uncut. All loops are the same height hence the term “level loop”.

Multi-Level Loop.
A “sculptured” effect can be created in a loop pile carpet by using varying pile heights.

Cut and Loop.
As the name implies, it is possible to produce carpet containing both cut and uncut tufts.
Velvet or Velour Relatively short pile, which is often fairly dense. The tufts have a limited degree of “twist” incorporated during the spinning process. This allows the tufts to “burst” open and create the “velvety” appearance.

Twist Pile.
The yarns used will have a higher degree of twist than the velvet. As a result, the tufts retain a more individual appearance.

The yarns used will be produced by folding two or more individual yarns together. If each component yarn has a different degree of twist, the resultant yarn will not stand upright but will take on an irregular or random appearance.

The tufts will be fairly tightly twisted and “heat set” to retain that configuration. The tuft length will be around 8-12mm (above the backing). The heat setting allows the tufts to remain well defined since the amount of “burst” will be restricted.

Similar to a “Saxony” but without the same degree of heat setting. The tufts will burst open at the tip creating a longer version of the “velvet” or “velour”.

Shag Pile.
Tufts can vary from around 25-50mm in length. The extra-long pile will considerably increase the cost of the carpet unless compensated by spacing them out into a low-density construction. Most “shag” pile carpets are unsuitable for heavy traffic areas. Longer pile carpets will tend to flatten quickly and show shading, so should generally be avoided in heavy use areas such as stairs.